Thursday, 23 February 2012

Adventure to the Airport in Paris

Off we set, Kates and I to get the "Air France" bus that was supposed to be about a km away from the airport with all our luggage in tow. We arrived at the bus terminal to find out that there wasn't another bus for 1.5 hours and that there "weren't enough" drivers that day. This was going to make us late for our flight.

Down we went underground to catch the "Metro"... luggage in tow..... picture us dragging two weeks of stuff with us around Paris.....

We got on the first subway with some sweat, going up and down many stairs and trying to figure out which way to go.

The next train wasn't so smooth. When the train arrived, it seemed like, hundreds of people were getting on and off. Katie went first dragging a suitcase bigger than her... and guess what???

The door closed. My life flashed before me.

Luckily it closed right on the huge suitcase and her foot (which she is still complaining about). I never seen so many people jump to our rescue.... everyone grabbed the doors and tried prying them open so that "Mom" could get on. This was no easy task (especially as I was holding Katie by the coat... the minute the door started to close I reach in and grabbed on). So long story short I, with the help of those people, got on the train.. and we had a good little nervous giggle together!!

Then we went off into the sunset to the airport.... just in time.... I mean by minutes to get on our plane.

I think my daughter is a criminal as over the course of this entire trip..... she was searched 3 times at the airport.... should I be concerned???

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