Saturday, 11 February 2012

Jet Lag or Excitement?

Well it's 3:30 am Geneva time and Katie and I are cuddling in bed wide awake despite taking sleep aids. Last night we slept so well. Kates is learning all about time zones. What better education than reading about it. The question is why are we awake? Excitement about Liberia or jet lag? I suspect it is a bit of both. Tomorrow will be challenging on 3 hrs sleep. The taxi will be here in 1.5 hrs. Not really enough time to try for more sleep. 1.5 hrs to Belgium, 3.5 hrs layover then 7 hrs to Liberia. Maybe we can sleep along the way here and there. Apparently, the Monrovia airport will be culture shock - another good lesson for the kids ( I should mention - my sister-in-law, Jacquie and my nephew, Wyatt (7) are coming along for the adventure)!

I imagine this blog will be more interesting tomorrow once the REAL adventure starts. No more reading about boring pills and sleep or lack there of.

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