Monday, 13 February 2012


Well today was UNBELIEVABLE in so many ways. I write this with excitement, disbelief, thankfulness and so many more mixed emotions.

We went to the offices of BRE (Buchanan Renewable Energy)in the am and Kates was a bit nauseous when we arrived. I think the streets were a bit overwhelming for her. But she got the courage to go into slums like you can only see in magazines. I really have no words to describe it. The conditions are inhumane.

If you get a chance google West Point Liberia. This is where we went. Certainly, we looked out of place and turned a lot of heads. Wyatt (my 7 yr old Nephew) kept saying over and over like a chant. "Daddy - they are staring at me, why is everyone staring at us".

These pictures that I posted are from west point. We were with Don's very faithful "drivers/security" (Logan and BloJay" who had us in their sites all day.

After West Point, we interacted with some high school students which was very interesting. We took pics of them and promised to email. I think this was keeping Logan and BloJay on their toes.

Another interesting thing...... no one goes unescorted from BRE. Don walked 100m and was escorted by BRE guards.

Logan said. "we take care of "Boss"".

We went to an Ex-Pat type apartment for a swim in the afternoon and then went to Liam's (Dons country Manager) for a fantastic dinner. Completely gated with barbed wire, security and the whole nine yards. I met some amazing people who work for BRE, both Ex Pats and Liberians. My favorite was Floyd. Born and raised Liberian, with an MBA from the US. He was very insightful about our education system and had interesting perspective.

Incidentally, I write this blog on my SMASHED iPhone. It's like the "Little Engine That Could". It keeps on working. Apple- my hero.

Tomorrow will be amazing. We will go to Farm Builders where we will see rubber plantations and much more. We will have lunch at a Liberians farmhouse. Can't wait.
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