Thursday, 16 February 2012

Fwd: The Orphanage

This visit, by far, was the most alarming disturbing thing, I have probably ever seen. These beautiful children all left without families. When we arrived 
they had a ceremonial welcoming at the gate. It was very formal. They were just so thankful that Don "the president" was there - they wanted to show their gratification. It included a plate with an egg, some nuts, and other random items. Benson the BRE, public relations  and translator,  helped us understand what was going on. He even got nuts spat onto his forehead. 

We then went into the room where all of the adults and 60 students were singing. I got this all on video. They then proceeded with an hour long ceremony including a Bassa naming of Don and Jac and they were both gowned. 

We met a two year old, Paul, who was found as an infant in the garbage can. All of the children wanted to touch us and were staring like crazy at us. The children sang to us 2 songs, all of which, I caught on video. 

The food situation was horrible and cooking over a fire to feed them all. The kids get a bit of tea and bread in the am  and rice in the pm. 

Even worse, was the sleeping arrangements 10 kids per room. I will post some pics of that. Brutal. 

What a place. They asked me to come back and stay to work for them. They need teachers they said. 

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